Looking for Science, Foreign News, or Republican News RSS Feeds? Our Three Point List

Did you know that the top three news sites online receive almost 300 million unique monthly visitors? Print media might be dying out, but online, it’s as popular as ever. If you are looking for the best RSS news feeds to follow with your RSS reader, we have some suggestions. Don’t have an RSS reader yet? No problem. Check out what sites like Feedly, The Old Reader, and Digg have to offer, then get started! Here are three news categories worth checking out and a great source for web hosting for SEO resellers isĀ seoresellerhosting.com

1. Foreign News Sources

Tired of getting all your news from an American perspective of the world? Then you’re probably looking for news sites coming from a more global reach. Al Jazeera is an award winning website that has been praised for its contribution to free information exchange, and its ability to get around attempts to impose censorship on it. This news station is owned by the government of Qatar, though it claims to be editorially independent of the government. Other options for global top news so

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New and Exciting Online Readers

Given the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus have nearly two million global users between them, it appears that the future of news resides online. Even if many social media users are yet to adopt social media news feeds as their primary source for news, it is difficult to ignore the numbers.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2010, 65 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 acknowledged the internet as their preferred source for news. Although more than half of survey respondents still choose television news over internet news sources, that number does not tell the whole story.

As one might expect, the study showed an inverse correlation between a preference for internet news sources and the ages of respondents. For instance, 48 percent of people between the ages of 30 and 49 preferred internet news, while 34 percent in the 50 to 64 age range chose online news. Among citizens aged 65 and older, it was not surprising that only 14 perce

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Discover the Convenience of RSS News Feed Lists

When Google kept its promise and shut down Google Reader on July 1, 2013, to some, the event symbolized the unofficial demise of RSS. But if you are one of the 20 million Americans who still rely on RSS feeds, you know that the same has been said for years. Of course, considering that RSS has been around since 1999, this attitude is understandable. After all, anything over five years seems prehistoric in terms of internet technology.

Despite the passing of Google Reader, it is not quite time to usher in the death of RSS, which is clear by the number of RSS users who were left homeless its absence. Consider the numbers; within two days of the discontinuation of Google Reader, over 500,000 web users signed up for the Feedly news aggregator. By July 15th, Feedly found itself with over three million new users! At the same time, Digg vowed to create a replacement for Google Reader. Clearly, the absence of Google Reader has left a considerable crater in the world of RSS.

While some techi

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RSS, Pushing an Old and Saggy Internet Revolution

Remember “push” media? It was Wired magazines darling back in the infancy of the internet, circa 1997. Part of the premise was that users did not need to go seeking websites and articles, they could have it automatically delivered to them. It was revolutionary in the early days of browser wars and web design.

One of the lone survivors of the original push media was the rss news feed. Users could subscribe to websites that also published in rss format, or Really Simple Syndication. So, a website would list rss feeds and you could selectively subscribe to updates. It sounds so simple these days, but at the time it was the pinnacle of web convenience.

In fact, Google went on to champion their tool, Google Reader, that was built to subscribe and read rss news feeds listed across the interwebs. For the record, Google Reader died on the 1st of July. That ship stopped sailing, but rss lives on for now. Users have been scrambling to import their rss feed list to new tools as Google winds dow

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Customize Your RSS Feed Today

An RSS feed list can be an excellent way to organize all the online information that is absolutely essential. If youre a voracious online reader with wide ranging interests, and RSS feeds list can make your experience that much better.

The key to staying current with all the news and information you cant do without is to be sent notifications when your favorite websites get updated with brand new content. RSS news feeds does exactly that, notifying you when there is interesting and relevant information that you havent seen yet.

And because you are the one modifying the RSS feed list, it is always custom ready for you, with your interests at the forefront. In order for your RSS new feeds list to be wortwhile, it simply has to take you where you want to go online, providing you with special notifications about the websites you find most important. Avoid wading through countless web searches and aggregated blogs, and get right to the articles with quality content you find indispensable. A news RSS feeds list can achieve this with maximum effectiveness.

There is no reason to hesitate. Customizing your RSS feed list today will only aid you in a better online experience, and put you in greater control of the information you get online. There are so many wonderful sites with premium content, but there are also a lot of mediocre sites with unremarkable content offerings. You can bypass the latter and focus only the information you love, with a quality RSS feed list.

Leave your questions and feedback about your personalized RSS feed list below.

RSS Feed Is A Complete Game Changer For Heavy Internet Users

RSS feeds list is my personal favorite way of getting news. See, RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, but is often dubbed in the terms of a layman as “really simple syndication.” The point of RSS feeds list are to publish frequently updated works like news lists, blogs, audio, and video, each in a standardized format, which means that it is an easy to deliver the constantly changing web content.

An RSS feeds list is invaluable to someone who submerses themselves in Internet news and culture. There are so many great sites that offer relevant, engaging content packaged with timely news that they are hard to keep track of. My own personal rss feed list has all of my nerdy news right alongside all of my headline news that go right beside my favorite culture blogs.

The more you use a computer, and the more time you spend online, the more you realize that RSS news feeds list is invaluable. At first, I resisted using them. I did not understand how they worked and, to put it simply, I just could not wrap my head around it.

What you do, is you download an RSS news feeder. I use one that is an extension of my internet browser, which you can search for. (“RSS feeds list reader extension” should be a good search to plug in.) A little RSS icon, whose design is always along the same lines, shows up on my toolbar. I click it, and hit the little plus button to add news feeds by following the simple directions it gives me, and et voila, I have a handy, compact, efficient means of perusing my favorite websites without laboriously having to wade through pages and pages of content.

My RSS feeds list is a complete game changer. It makes me more efficient at work since it makes my goofing off time more efficient.

For those of you who have an RSS feeds list, what websites do you have on it? What RSS feeds list reader do you like to use?

RSS Feed Lists Allow Access to the Most Up to Date Information

Once when I was talking to a colleague at work, I mentioned a blog about a reality television show we both liked, and how it gave really funny insight into the story lines. Great, they told me, I will add that to my blog rss feed. Rss feed? I had no idea what that meant, or what an RSS feed did, and it was not until later that I finally understood, and used them myself.

RSS feeds are link aggregators. They take constantly updating information links and present them in a unified format in a web based application. If this sounds confusing, take the example of the blog rss feed list. Let us say you read ten different blogs every week, since this is the national average. It can be tedious to go to every page every day when many of them update sporadically, or on a schedule you cannot remember. If you add them to an rss feed list, however, you can go to one box that displays what all the different updates are from every site. This helps save time as well as helps keep you updated on the latest developments at a glance.

Rss feed lists like this are also popular for display on websites. Many news sites, for example, employ RSS feed to automatically list the newest site content in a unified and concise manner. An RSS news feeds list usually displays internal site news, thereby directing people back to the site, which helps increase site traffic and therefore revenue. A news rss feeds list is handy because people expect news sites to display the most up to date information, yet having someone manually update a page of links would be quite tedious and time consuming. Instead, the process is automated via the rss feed list.

Rss feeds are useful for both individuals and websites alike when it comes to aggregating current content in a single location.

Saving Time and Energy with a Visit to an RSS News Feed Website

Time is precious. So why waste your time scouring the Internet for updates and news when you can visit one single site? Visiting a website that offers RSS news feed lists can save you time and energy while providing you with the latest news and information from around the Internet.

It used to be if you wanted to get the latest news and updates from the Internet, you had to sit and constantly keep hitting the refresh button. Those days are long gone. RSS news feed lists allow you to get the latest news and information sent directly to the website.

Here is how it works. A website will list RSS feeds. These RSS feeds list can include everything from sports and entertainment, to political or international news. All the websites and blogs listed on these RSS news feeds offer the latest news and information about their specific category.

When one of these websites on these news RSS feeds list updates, the update is sent directly to the website. The website will show a small blurb about the update and a link to the update on the RSS news feed. This allows people to sit and get instant updates without having to frequent the websites and blogs that provide those updates.

RSS news feed lists can also save time and energy for people who want to promote their website or blog. Some RSS news feeds lists allow blog owners and website owners to submit their blog to their website. If the blog is added to the group of RSS feeds list, it can potentially reach hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals that might not otherwise have known about that particular blog.

Visiting a website that offers an RSS news feed can not only save you time and energy by providing you with instant updates and news, it can help you promote your website or blog.

Increasing Productivity With RSS Feeds

Overwhelmed by blogs and news sites? Sometimes the solution is to read and follow your favorite sites using rss news feeds. They provide a simple way to read articles without having to click through a bunch of sites.

I have found that my productivity has improved since adopting a simple process. I list rss feeds in my preferred application so that I can quickly scan and read what I deem important. Converting to a rss feed list for your reading is a fairly simple process. First you need an rss reader. This can be a browser plugin, a dedicated phone app, or a hybrid model that accepts your rss feeds list.

Once you have tried a few readers for rss news feeds you will quickly get a sense of the features and functionality that you most prefer. The next step is to add your rss news feeds list to your reader application. Essentially this means pasting in unique urls to the feeds or pointing your reader to the website for automatic discovery. It sounds more complicated that it is in reality since most reader apps can determine the rss news feeds and add them to your list.

Before you get too involved in adding the rss news feeds you should take some time to organize your feeds. Generally there are ways to tag or add similar feeds to folders for easier “findability” and navigation. This is especially helpful if you find yourself browsing many different types of sites.

Finally, I like to dedicate time to scan all of the articles that are pulled in from my rss news feeds. Personally, I prefer to view everything in list format and step through quickly on stopping to read the truly interesting articles. Going back to the organization, I can also step through topic specific posts if I’m not interested in everything in my rss news feeds at one time. Overall, it has drastically reduced the amount of time that I spend catching up on topical news each day since my rss news feeds both organize everything and give me just the amount of information that I want at each viewing.

How To Create A RSS News Feeds List

A RSS feeds list is still somewhat new on the Internet scene today. For those of you who aren’t yet in the know, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and Rich Site Summary. While this is a nice name, it may still leave you wondering precisely what RSS feed list actually is.

With a list RSS feeds, whether it be a RSS news feeds list or some other type of RSS feeds list, you’ll be given a summary of a website’s content. The website’s owner desires to have this content broadcast across the Internet so that other webmasters can include this information on their websites too. While this may seem as though you’re taking a lot of time on such a wild gamble, you’ll be happy to know that there are people who use these programs all the time because it’s the fastest way in which they can keep up with things that are changing online today.

As a webmaster, you’ll be equally as happy to know that it’s actually quite easy to create a RSS news feeds list. Whenever you’re ready to create a news RSS feeds list you’ll need to first download an XML editor. This is how you’ll create your RSS news feeds list. It’s actually quite easy to use whenever you’re creating, editing and publishing your RSS news feeds list.

Once you do finally take the time to learn the program and then use it to create your RSS feed, you’ll need to take one additional step. You’ll need to validate your feed with an RSS Validator program. You can find these programs by using your favorite search engine to search for them. Once your feed has been validated you’ll want to submit it to Syndic8 so that it will be included in a global directory of RSS feed sources.


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