What to Know Before Starting Invisalign Treatment – Health Talk Online

le. Invisalign provides the same benefits as braces, without the steel brackets or wires resting on your teeth. This video will explain what you should be aware of about Invisalign prior to beginning treatment.

Invisalign can be more comfortable when compared to conventional braces. Patients can be able to feel pressure on specific areas of their mouth when the Invisalign aligners straighten their teeth. However, it’s much less severe as traditional braces. The greatest pressure is likely to occur when aligners are replaced over the course of the treatment.

The aligners need to be worn for 18 to 22 hours each throughout the day for two weeks. After the two weeks, your dentist will design an entirely new set of aligners before replacing them with the used set. Make sure you take your Invisalign away when you’re eating since chewing or eating can damage them. Clean the aligners every day. Use a toothbrush to brush them, or soak them in hot water using an antibacterial solution.

Attachments might be offered for Invisalign aligners. The tiny dimples assist with greater complexity in adjustments like the rotation of your teeth. The details are available in the video link.


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