Little Known Facts on How the Lemon Law Works – Car Talk Radio


It’s crucial to be aware of what to expect before you purchase a car. Lemon law demands the seller of a vehicle to provide data regarding the car’s performance. Before purchasing a vehicle It is advisable to discuss lemon law with lemon law lawyers.

The lemon law guarantees that auto sellers provide complete transparency after signing the contract. By law, your cash is put on line. Suppose you are experiencing issues regarding your car but you are not able to solve them. Lawyers from the lemon law can assist you make a claim if you are experiencing issues. If you file your claim within the stipulated timeframes that the lemon law imposes, it requires car makers to submit a formal report on all of your vehicle’s problems.

They must also explain to authorities why the warranty they have purchased does not apply to it. If your car has issues after the expiration date of your warranty. You have the right to no-cost repairs. If your car is still under warranty , when you encounter the first problem the car is entitled to an exchange car or cash refund.


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