Dos and Don’ts of Business Cards – Sky Business News

All you need is the information necessary to make business cards. In the video below, we will go over the basics of business cards.

One of the first things you require is a motif on both the front and back. It is likely to take inspiration from your business logo. Be sure, however, that you choose the same color as well as typeface for each card. It’s essential to ensure that both sides on your cards for business complement one another.

The font size and size of your logo is essential. It is important for people to be able to read every word on your business card. For ensuring that your font and logo are clearly visible and legible, try a couple of test printing. In the end, the main motive behind investing in business cards is to show people your name and number. If they’re unable to understand the card, it is a loss.

It’s important to also put margins on your cards to maintain a tidy appearance. It’s not a good idea for the text to become cut! For more details, check out the video above.


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