Commercial Steel Door Installation – Crevalor Reviews

The best performance can be gotten from your doors with correct installation and low maintenance. This video explains how to put in commercial doors made of steel in order to ensure a great fit.

Most steel doors measure 36″ by 84″ and are fitted with steel that ranges between 16 and 24 gauge. Standard 18 gauge 36″x84″ steel door will be able to weigh 106 pounds. A majority of steel doors feature an insulation layer made of polyurethane and polystyrene. The department of Energy claims that steel doors provide 5 times more insulation as a similar-sized solid wood door. It improves the room’s energy efficiency.

They are not only durable and efficient, but also extremely recyclable and weatherproof. Make sure that you use the correct hinges for installing commercial steel doors. Reviewing the schedule of hardware will provide the necessary information. Prior to installing the door be sure it’s going to be able to fit correctly. It is important to ensure that your frame’s opening is straight, even, accurate and square.

You can contact a company that handles doors to assist you if you have any questions. While doing this by yourself, keep in mind this article.


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