What To Expect When Beginning Invisalign – Dentist Dentists


an important change that you can incorporate in your daily routine. What can you anticipate when starting in your regimen.

Most patients have had horror stories of the discomfort that braces cause. However, thankfully Invisalign doesn’t cause pain, but there may be some discomfort on your lips for a couple of days. You should wear your aligners for an average of 18 hours per day for two weeks, and you should clean them regularly. This is done using brush and soap or by immersing your aligners in water for a few minutes.

While anything new in the mouth may affect your speech, the result of your aligners will be minor since they’re made of ultra-light material. In order to keep them from getting stained, take off your aligners prior to drinking the tea or coffee. The effects of teas that are light colored without added sugar will be less. It is recommended that you get rid of your aligners every time you consume food or drink other than water.

Do not mix up your aligners. To stop you from making the mistake, they’ll be marked clearly on the carry bag using tray numbers.

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