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This can result in a negative impact on the general health of the baby.

Research shows that emergency and non-planned dental treatments can lead to schools to close for 34 million hours. Inadequate treatment of dental issues of the working class American population could be the cause of a $45 billion decrease in productivity. This problem shows the critical aspect of oral health and emphasizes the importance of good oral hygiene.

Children can get cavities even as young as four years old. Nearly 55% of all children with at least one cavity before age 8 are being affected. Dental disease and gum loss, and dental cavities are the most common problems caused by poor oral hygiene. All adults suffer from at least one of these diseases in their life time.

Oral diseases and their resulting problems affect approximately 3.5 billion people worldwide. About half the entire world’s population. Children suffer from 530 million cases of tooth decay and other gum-related concerns. Every year, the number of cases is about 300-700 new oral cancer cases.

Maintaining a healthy and clean mouth is the best preventive measure for dental diseases, as it prevents a myriad of problems. This improves the social interaction and boosts the chances of employment.

How to Wash Your Teeth at Home Like a Dentist

Dental cleaning is simple and can take just five minutes daily. It can assist you maintain optimal oral health for the duration of your lifetime.


Cleaning your teeth is the primary thing to do, however flossing can help you reach those hard-to-access areas. It’s not easy to reach into the the spaces between your teeth after you are brushing. This helps remove food particles between your teeth and along the gumline. Also, it reduces the chance of red gums and soreness because it removes plaque. By preventing the formation of plaque it also reduces the discoloration of teeth.

The problem of probl-related issues can be avoided by flossing.


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