Can I Add a Second Floor Addition to My Home? – Home Town Colorado

Below are two crucial aspects to be aware of when choosing an addition for the second level.

A house plan starts by looking at the home plan. To see if the construction is able to support a second story, it is necessary look at the footings and foundation. This review will help you determine the elements that are appropriate for strengthening and which ones are advised to keep.

The project’s cost The cost of the project is the last step after a detailed house plan analysis. The price will be friendlier if the existing house structure allows for a floor extension. It is costlier if the existing structure cannot accommodate a second floor. The installation of house footings adds to cost.

A second-floor addition is possible for any house. It is up to you whether or not it would make financial sense. The best way to determine the price is to begin from your existing house plans and see if the structure can support the addition. Consider adding the floor of the house to give it more space and the snazzy style.


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