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Asphalt roofing is less expensive than many other roofing materials. Furthermore, asphalt shingles are strong, lightweight and available in different shades. Asphalt roofing is extremely durable and lasts for up to 20 years. Certain brands with premium quality have a lifespan of five decades.
To enhance their homes’ appearance and efficiency, many homeowners are considering asphalt roofing shingles. All these advantages make asphalt roofing replacement more affordable. A roofing contractor can advise you on which type of asphalt shingles you should choose as well as what price it should be.
The typical roofing price per square foot is 1 dollar. A three-tab composite asphalt roofing shingle could cost as low as one dollar. Though architectural roofing shingles may lack cutouts, the application of an asphalt layer to connect their sections. It provides a contoured and dimensional look. The asphalt sealant serves to keep the layers in place as well as to enhance the shingles’ waterproofing capabilities. However, architectural shingles will make the typical cost for asphalt shingle roof as they are priced between four and seven dollars per square foot. xz47tmjase.

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