How to Find an Accredited Calibration Labratory – Discovery Videos

b equipment. Conforming to the guidelines set by AASHTO R18, measurements must be calibrated by an agency accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. This is the most common error made by laboratories to select providers that aren’t accredited for the specific type of equipment that is used. If you’re looking for an accredited laboratory to meet your needs Here’s some things to be aware of.

There are numerous U.S. organizations that have been accredited by calibration labs, including the NVLAP as well as the A2LA, the ANAB and the PJLA. Each of these agencies offers its own database of accredited laboratories. Utilizing these directories to search for accredited laboratories can guide you to a lab with the right qualification.

Advanced searches can be found within a variety of directories. It is possible to type certain keywords in the search area and then find laboratories that satisfy your needs. For instance, if want to get a thermometer calibrated, simply do a search for “thermometer.” To alter your search’s area and location You can change your search. You can then look through the certification of the agency and see a list of the kind of equipment it’s certified to use. This helps ensure you choose the right accredited calibration lab for the requirements of yours.


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