The Best Home Architecture Documentaries That Capture Custom Building on Film – The Film Frame

If you are lucky enough to work with the best builders Your home will be in excellent condition.

The documentaries will show the extent to which these homes can be customized and how you can customize them to make your home unique. Customizing your home isn’t something has been around for a while, since the beginning of architecture as a profession and of homes being constructed, there has been the desire of individuals to alter the areas their homes are located in and how they store their houses. Home architecture documentaries provide a wonderful way to clearly and accurately demonstrate the idea of custom houses and the way they are stunning as well as fascinating they could be.

The five documentaries featured here are breathtaking in their home architecture and will assist you to better comprehend the concept of the home’s customization.

Koolhaas Houselife (2013) by Ila Begka and Louise Lemoine

This is a great option for home architecture documentaryaries because it follows custom-built home builders making modern-day masterworks. It is part of the series Living Architectures. It takes viewers to Rem Koolhaas’s world , and highlights his remarkable work. This film chronicles the everyday life of the housekeeper who is responsible for the care and maintenance of the architect’s home and those that live there.

Maison a Bordeaux is Rem Koolhaas’ design for 1998. The building is located situated in Bordeaux, France. It is a private home that is adorned with glass, simple and clean lines and stunning view, and can be truly awe inspiring regarding the possibilities of personalization. It appears that the home is supported by just one post this is a truly impressive amazing feat of architecture. This is an extremely unique home that requires special care. This film demonstrates what goes on in the lives of personnel who take care of the home.

Eames: The Painter and the architect (2011 Jason Cohn, Bill Jersey).

The film details the lives and times of those who have been married.


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