Are You Planting Your Flowers Right? – Daily Inbox

Find an opening

Ensure the hole is deep enough to completely cover the root as well as secure the plant. Allow enough room for the dirt and soil around it.

Make sure you remove the flower carefully from the Pot

To allow the plant to fall Place one hand over its bottom. Then use your other hand to tilt the pot. Make sure they don’t lift the plant out to prevent damaging the roots.

Let the Roots loose

For roots to grow in the soil, you need to loosen the roots. It is possible to use your fingers or a stick to stimulate the roots.

Place the Flower in the ground

Put the flower into the hole and place the roots planted in the soil. Then gradually fill the hole with dirt. Check that the soil does not get too compact.

Generously Water the Hole

Water the plant in a generous way and surrounding area until the ground is soaked. Repeat this process for one month to enable the roots to adapt to the soil.


It is a simple way to plant flowers properly. Learn the best practices to make a location blissful.


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