14 Different Career Paths for Hopeful Attorneys – Boise Family Law Newsletter

manage issues concerning seniors and end-of-life care, like powers of attorney, and all disputes that result from the trust or will. When you are an attorney beginning as an estate-planning lawyer it’s best to work for a large firm that specializes in estate planning and to establish connections with industry professionals.

They offer estate planning guidance for clients in order to limit their tax obligations in order to leave as much of their estate. They also help with the creation of wills or trusts, as well as help with litigation and negotiations about trusts as well as wills.

An estate planning attorney earns the average amount of $91,425.

12. Intellectual Property Lawyer

While it may seem difficult to safeguard an idea it’s essential. Intellectual property while the most difficult to define, is one of the most important assets available. Intellectual property lawyers work with copies of trademarks as well as copyrights to secure their clients. In order to become an attorney in the field of intellectual property It is beneficial to begin in a law firm that has a focus in intellectual property. You can then build your expertise and connections within the field.

They advise clients about trademark, patent and copyright matters. The lawyers draft documents, file, and negotiate documents, and also represent their clients in courts in cases of violation. This is an intricate area of law, however it is well compensated. There’s a good chance that you’ll work in conjunction with big corporations, which require their rights to be protected.

The mean salary of lawyers with expertise in intellectual property is $145,567.

13. Constitutional Lawyer

The Constitution is an legal document, yet it is also open to legal interpretation. The Constitutional Lawyer provides legal aspects of it such as civil liberties and individual rights in due process, equal protection, and due procedure. Because current events drive different movements, constitutional law often intersects with political.


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